• The consultation of the draft ordinance was concluded on 5 February 2020. During March/April, the Federal Chancellery has published the feedbacks received under the following URL: https://www.admin.ch/ch/d/gg/pc/ind2019.html#EDI, "Ordinance on individual identification features and safety devices on the packaging of medicinal products for human use". The PDF document with the public feedback can be downloaded here.

  • The Federal Office for Public Health (FOPH) is currently evaluating the feedbacks it received and will make any necessary adjustments before the final ordinance is sent to the Public Office Consultation.

  • The Federal Council shall decide when the article 17a TPA and the associated ordinance will come into force. Currently, we do not expect the enactment to take place before 1 January 2021. This information is of course without guarantee.

  • SMVO cannot make any statements on possible amendments to the ordinance nor whether and when Art. 17a , para. 8 let. b./c. TPA is to be declared mandatory.

Status: 6. March 2020